Editor Update (November 3, 2016)


  • changed: all HO modes are now displayed in one and the same screen with tabs
  • added: option to disable automatic switch of HO modes in the editor settings
  • added: separate selection of the UI language and settings
  • added: object removal from the list in the objids type properties
  • added: log settings and removal logs for ResourseEditor
  • changed: log level was moved from general settings to project settings
  • added: project info update button in the multi-user mode
  • added: new type for objids settings
  • fixed: bug with saving and opening the project in multi-user mode
  • fixed: saving the skippable property value when changing the object type
  • fixed: bug with copying objects in the multi-user mode
  • fixed: bug with incomplete deletion of scenes (screens) in the multi-user mode
  • fixed: activezone crashes
  • updated: now the username for multiplayer mode is comprised of the info obtained from user.sets, and OS user name
  • fixed: object display after copying
  • fixed: links loss during the scene copying
  • fixed: impossibility to change properties in the taskorganizer
  • fixed: iOS export issue (textures were not sized up to 1×1)
  • fixed: random shifting of the Properties panel


  • added: folder to container conversion
  • added: “alpha ON” attribute for 3D models