Editor Update (December 8, 2016)


  • added: export/import of objects with 3D models;
  • fixed: export of 3D models (textures always went to 0 pack);
  • fixed: error due to which a 3D model could not be added to the state machine in the (val_res) resource field
  • fixed: boarders occurring in the textures of 3D models
  • fixed: export issue preventing image packing into atlas
  • fixed: object indicator disappearance
  • fixed: impossibility to create an object on the shared scene in the multi-user mode
  • fixed: graphics display issues in the multi-user mode
  • fixed: inadequate object activation in the multi-user mode (crashes, state editor screen opening while the state machine is locked)
  • fixed: scene object editing issues in the multi-user mode
  • fixed: editor force closure with Cyrillic characters in the path to the export folder


  • added: 3D models import in the obj format (NB: using 3Dbuilder in Windows 10)
  • added: checking if 3D textures have reached level 2
  • added: change parameters for several 3D models at once
  • fixed: 3D model re-adding issue
  • fixed: updating of the coordinate values ​​for the 3D model as the pivot point is changed
  • fixed: settings reset after animation moving in the resource database
  • fixed: crash of the editor when a 3D model is added without clicking the folder
  • fixed: bug with moving 3D models
  • fixed: boarders occurring in the textures of 3D models
  • fixed: impossibility to add 3D models from the root folder into containers
  • fixed: lagging when moving the files in the project with lots of 3D models
  • fixed: lagging when switching between the editor and another application (now the resources are only updated after changing the information about them in the ResourceEditor)