About Us
Welcome to AppSalute Creator portal, where you can download for free our game design studio and get additional information about the product. Create games for iOS, Android, BlackBerry as well as for PC, Mac, Linux and Smart TV.

Absolutist is a Cross-platform Casual Games Developer

Entrust your project to an experienced and creative team of professional programmers and designers, which has proved reliable in developing various entertainment applications. We maintain cooperation with the largest industry players and are open for communication and new business opportunities. Get rapid application development framework for creating games and interactive books for kids, supporting major mobile and desktop platforms.

We develop:

♦ Games for mobile devices
♦ PC and Mac games
♦ Flash multiplayer online games
♦ Games for social networks (Facebook, VK, OK)
♦ Custom games for mobile and desktop platforms
♦ HTML5 games

We provide:
◊ Licensing our existing products for your portals
◊ Original content for PC and mobile platforms
◊ Publishing you games on our network
◊ Customization and product placement in our titles
◊ Licensing products and porting to different platforms

◊ Flash and art outsourcing and turn-key project development