Absolutist is a developer and publisher of casual and mid-core games based in Dnіpro, Ukraine. Founded back in 2000, within a decade Absolutist has grown into the largest casual game developer in Ukraine. The company has been involved in development and distribution of desktop games, flash online games, as well as educational apps and interactive books for kids. Now its primary focus has shifted to game publishing and licensing, mobile and social gaming. The company has the most creative team of professionals and currently employs over 60 people.

Internal Development and Outsourcing

Absolutist has an independent internal studio that develops and publishes casual games for various desktop and mobile platforms. Many of the titles use a unique proprietary multi-platform game engine that allows quality easy porting. The company’s research group is working on the implementation of the modern gaming technologies such as video control, motion capture, social integration etc.
Absolutist is the biggest outsourcing company in Ukraine. The company provides development of game design documents, engineering, graphics and level design, and more.

Game distribution

Absolutist distributes over 150 flash games and 100 C++ games of its own. The company also publishes a great number of try and buy games of indie developers. The service also offers over 100 mobile games for Android and App Store markets on a freemium basis.

Online games

In 2006 was created an independent line of business Wellgames. Now is a free online gaming portal that serves flash games to over 1 500 000 unique visitors monthly. All games have a multiplayer function and global score system. Most of the games are available in 5 and more languages.