If you don’t have any experience in designing video games, that’s okay! AppSalute Creator will do the hard work. This editor makes game development easy.

With our multi-platform framework everyone can be a game designer. Create multimedia applications and games with no code ever. Develop interactive books, puzzles, hidden object games etc. There is no limit to your creativity!
Experience the all new drag-and-drop game creation method. Intuitive menu and the full set of tools allow to create absolutely any game scene at a press of the button. Work with large graphic assets and preview the changes in real time. That’s why whenever you have a fresh idea for a different gameplay mechanic or want to employ new materials, just drag-and-drop whatever you want to add to your project.
Testing is the way to perfection. Run your game within the editor and test its behavior on the major platforms. Our preview emulator mimics device performance as close as possible to the actual one. AppSalute Creator also includes extensive debug system to help view data about your project’s resource usage and get detailed reports. So testing on multiple virtual devices is now that easy.
Customization. Integrate in-apps, global score system, banner ad system, social features, statistics and different tweaks. Implement multiplayer aspects and break up the monotony of endless levels. Improve gaming experience with statistics and game centers. Our framework has a module based system. Developers can create their own modules, build-in extra monetization features, create specialized editor tools and add numerous game mechanics.
Create once, distribute everywhere. Built-in Marmalade SDK interprets C/C++ code for different platforms. We offer much easier way to produce cross-platform games. Any game can be created in weeks and days. Easy start. AppSalute Creator is free to download with extra monetization features. With no fees at the beginning you’ll get your revenues at once.