Game mechanics

Built-in game mechanics make it possible to create almost any game with a complex level structure, board of achievements and explosive visual effects. Drag & Drop functionality and intuitive interface of the editor allow you to fully focus on creating of high-quality gameplay. Discover unique and effective mechanisms for making games faster, easier and with no start-up costs. Here you can find updated data about available editor modules and much more.


Jigsaw Puzzle module allows to create a ready game within a minute. Drag-and-drop any picture in the editor and turn it into a jigsaw puzzle! Using this option you can create any known type of jigsaw puzzle mechanics. Adjust motion-related attributes, number of jigsaw pieces, animation and behaviors. Test and improve levels in real  time! 


Patchwork is a piece puzzle mechanic, where a player should stitch together a picture from different graphic elements. This module allows to create a patchwork game in a couple of clicks. The possibilities of this feature are really wide. The best example would be a classic jigsaw puzzle. The variety of points and bonuses make the usage of this mechanic almost unlimited in a plethora of logic puzzles.


This module is designed for those who love to train visual memory as well as for games like bingo and cards. The objective of such games would be memorizing of the location of cards or designating the correct matches. This mechanic evolved from a classic board game Memory, where 2 or more people should find identical pairs of cards. This type of game proved its popularity. Extensive set of bonuses and achievements make the usage of this mechanic almost unlimited in a plethora of logic puzzles.


Match-3 is an extremely popular game mechanic which allows to create bright and colorful games with a relaxed gameplay and easy-to-catch logic. The vivid representatives of the genre are Match-10 and Bejeweled puzzles. Add social and multiplayer aspects to make games enjoyable. Using this module you can include tons of mini games to break up the monotony of endless matching gems and much more.

Hidden Object Game

Create your own hidden object game from scratch. Any hidden object scene can be created within a minute. A plethora of adjustable settings allow to realize any known hidden object mechanic. Add a fun or dramatic storyline to go with the games to give the customer one more reason to keep playing on. It is you, who decide the scale of a project, so make it immense.